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Welcome to Conglo’s affiliate referrals program.

Here you will see some of our favorite companies that will give you access to your new programs and platforms. It is quite simple, just sign up and start promoting new business and product in your website.

Conglo will outline the first steps that you will need to become a successful on your online business. Let’s recapitulate:

Create your website

Conglo will help you to build your website for FREE, just go to the contact area and let your Manager Jose Milian know that you need help and he will personally assist you in the process to build your webpage. We don’t charge a penny, just be part of the Conglo’s Network Team and learn for FREE. That’s all…






Start by sign in here to create your webpage.

You should not pay more than $10 a month for your webpage. This company gives you a free Domain name. If you decide to use another company, a domain name can cost you from $19.99 to $35.00 a year. You want to save money on your domain name and get it for FREE, sign up with CONGLO here.

Think about a name for your webpage, follow these tips

Domain Name Tips

While you're thinking about domain names, here are some tips for choosing a good one...

Keep it short like conglo, golo, abonev etc.…The shorter your URL is , the easier it will be to someone to type it.

Make sure it makes sense for you or your business.
The .WS domain name of your choice should be easy to remember and relative to its intended use.

Think about how it will look on your business cards.
...and letterhead, and every other print or promotional item that you will need to promote it. Obviously, a shorter URL will fit much better than a longer one, no matter how "ideal" the longer might seem at the time. For example "" will be not only more effective than "gallatin," but also easier to put on your business card and other items.

Once your domain is accepted start using the site builder and builds your first page with your rich content. You can add photos, videos and many widgets and cool htlm codes.

Leave space to add Google advertisement. You can do this by signing up with Google AdSense.

You can use other affiliates programs like Google Affiliate network and other affiliates recommended in this page.

Now you are ready to publish your webpage to the world to read, to show, to sell or educate. You are now a new webmaster.

Sign up with affiliate programs like the one below this text.

You will see Conglo's Favorite companies below. We like to use them because  are easy to get links and banners . You can even customize them for your webpage. Look at the banners below, My favorite is Affiliatebot and Google Affiliate Network. I have added five company to get you started.

Start your publicity campaign to bring traffic to your site.

Once you start bringing traffic to your website will not only help you make sales and commissions but you will start ranking your site on the search engines like Google and others.

There are many companies that you can use to create advertisement. You can use Google Adwords, and other. See recommended Conglo list.

Start your email campaign. Like the ones recommended above.

Study your campaigns

There are many company that you can use to analyze statistically.

We like to use  and

Once you know which campaign is more profitable then concentrate you effort to promote it more.

Success is on your hand

Let us help you because by helping you we all win.. Contact Your Manager Jose Milian go to

Written by Jose Milian  CC 

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