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How to Use Coupons to Save Money

This is the most obvious place to save money with coupons is here in Conglo. The biggest secret of people who save the most at the store with coupons are those who match coupons with "loss leaders" those heavily discounted items they feature in their ads in order to get you through their door. I have gotten jars of spaghetti sauce for 50 cents, baby food for 25 cents a jar and office supplies for 1 cent.

Yes! For or one cent, it is incredible. Having coupons give you the advantage of many other great offers. You can have a lot of fun with the family by just saving all the coupons you get by mail and online. Start your online research to find coupons and deals. The first thing you want to do is to start your coupons search in this couponpage. My wife likes to register on department store just to get deals andcoupons. Every time she goes to buy me new cloth, she gets a $10 off coupon. The Coupon will have some restrictions like “purchases anything bigger than $10”. These are the one she likes.

On Saturday we went to look for those items that have already a discount and for every transaction we make, we submitted one coupon. Some time we get a discount if we use the department store credit card. If you decide to use the credit card make sure to pay de the credit card the same day or at the end of the month, remember you need to avoid the interest charge. The best way to save is to buy one item and use the coupon. For example:  She bought me a dress pants that retails at $60 that was heavily discounted to $14.95 (A very good brand), she just paid $4.95 but when she used the credit card it went down to $4.45, you tell me if this is not a good coupon deal, right?

My best deal was when bought office supply for 1 cent, I still keep my receipt to show and brag about it. I like to sell on eBay on my Big Clearance Store, guess what? This was my best month since I sold every item for $9.99, the cool thing was that I gave coupons to my clients and they took advantage of my ebay coupons.

My favorite technique is to use my Discovery Card to buy gasoline for my car. I get Cash back then I get coupons that worth $50 to eat in a restaurant. The cash back was $45 credit coupon that could buy me a dinner for $50.00 I just saved $5.00.  For more information on How to use your credit card intelligently go to the Conglo’s Credit page and start saving with coupons and have fun.

One more thing I want to share with you. Do want to save money when you buy your groceries. Check out this cool app that gives you up to $2.00 cash back per product. They will send your money to your PayPal account or mail you a check. Check this cool app now!

Thank you for coming to Conglo, now I invite you to continue searching and explore ….

Written by Jose Milian  CC                   



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