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How to Make Money Online

Steps for Success

Maximize revenue from your online content

Google AdSense is a flexible, hassle-free way to earn revenue by showing relevant and engaging ads alongside your online content. You can easily show AdSense ads on your website, mobile sites, and site search results. Watch the tour and learn why over 2 million publishers of all sizes worldwide are using AdSense.


3- Open Affiliates Accounts

4- Almost there, You need to develop your webpage with rich contents.

 On this step I want to help you build one or five pages of your website. I also want to develop your campaigns to bring Traffic. Let me explain something to you. The best way to bring traffic is to pay for traffic. You can get FREE traffic by talking about your business in social media but it is a lot of hard work and time consuming.

I like to buy and to make ads to be promoted in different companies, like in Google Adwords and others. It cost money but you are guarantee that many people will see your page.

If you do it with us, We will do the work for you while you learn. In another word if you want to be a Doctor you will have to pay the university to learn before you become a successful surgeon right?

Step 1 and 2 must be completed. At least the sign up. Our company Conglo Enterprise charge $10 or $5 /month. This include helping you editing the webpage, teaching you once a week and completing one page or five.

My name is Jose Milian your direct Manager, email me at:

Let’s coordinate a video conference call or call me 406-600-8451 for more details. (You can cancel anytime)

5- Fund your campaigns

6- Check your statistics:

7- Congratulation! Now you are ready to make money online. Contact your manager for any questions.

web stats

C- You can use any company that offer you campaigns for publicity. Conglo Enterprise can help you start your campaigns. Success!

The first step is to sign up to build your website. You will need a domain name but with this company you get if for FREE, just pay for hosting fee. Click on step one to learn more on how you can get your hosting fee paid by it self every month. Once you complete step and created your first page then open a Google Adsense Account. Note: Is important to have you webpage complete before applying.

Welcome to Conglo Enterprise.

I will show you seven steps that you need to know to become successful making money online. My online business makes me from $25 to $740 a day. I started selling on eBay making $10,000 a year without buying anything to resell. I sold on eBay other people products.  It was very simple, I promote the product on eBay and once the product was sold I contacted the company and they shipped the product to my client. This is how it worked:  I receive the money then I would use that money to buy the product at a great discount and the company will drop ship to my client.  That was fabulous; I did not have to have an inventory. Then I decided I needed a webpage for my business and I started promoting advertisement to local business. I gave my customer a Conglopage for $60 a year, it was not bad but I wanted to find another way to make money without having to do much selling or convincing a potential customer about my product, I just wanted to share something better and give it away.  I started asking myself, How can I do this and there it was , become an affiliate using a program to promote others companies products and services. This is when I realized that my future to make money online was using the internet. I just needed my computer to promote the product or services using the internet. As you know, we can reach millions of people thru the internet. Look at Facebook, ONE BILLION potential customers. Look at Google, the number one company to search for information, products and services. This is probably how you got here, right?

One day I was resting on my sofa watching a movie, then a commercial came up promoting an incredible knife for cooking and they had a website. That is where a light pops up in my mind, What about if I can buy this product and re-sell the knife. I did not have to do publicity since the commercial is on TV every week, FREE publicity, right? I won't have to pay for publicity. So, I went to their website to check if I could sell it.

I started to surf the page and I saw the phrase: Become an affiliate with us, this is when I realize an opportunity was knocking on my door. I could make money without ever touching the product or any inventory. The only thing I needed to do was promote the product, once it sell I would get a commission, but it got better I found out that my customer did not had to buy it, they could get it for free and I still got my commission. I was blow away, making money by people getting free stuff.

If you are thinking that is not possible then think again. I got a FREE T shirt that came through the mail just because I entered my information into the website opt in box. I had to write my name, address and email to qualify for my free T-shirt. Remember, big and small companies have a budget to promote their products; one way is to give something free to get more customers. Those same companies who send me the Free T-shirt send me an email twice a month showing me cool T-shirt for $9.99. Guess what, I have bought three cool T-shirt already. Now you tell me, was the FREE T-shirt not a good deal.

This is where you come in: You will promote other people products, like the free T-shirt and by doing that you get a commission. Who don’t like FREE stuff right? Then you could also promote other business product and get a commission by sales or by lead or by click.

It is actually very simple to do and use other people products and services to make money. The only thing you have to do is add a Banners or Ad in your website and promote it. Some company will pay you if your potential client that came thru your website clicks on the Ad and immediately they are transferred to the company website where your client can buy the product directly. Once this happen you get paid a commission. Some companies will pay you by helping them get leads. If your client enters the information like a name and email you get paid a commission as well. I like this method because you don’t have to sell nothing just promote. Finally, my favorite one, get paid when your clients that comes to see your webpage clicks on some of our affiliate ads.

One more thing you can get paid if you refer other people to the company, like the company I am referring you here in this webpage. This is why I can help you for FREE and help you be successful Making Money Online by me simply teaching you, because you become my referral and you can do the same. It is a win, win situation. Everybody benefits.

Let me help you get started. Act now or call me or email me, it is in your hands and is your choice. Like I said, an opportunity just comes once in life…

Written by Jose Milian (CC)                                       


Here I have added five or more companies that will help you get started. The sign up is Free. Once you get registered, you can email me at I am working on some videos to show you or we can get together 1 on 1 using video conference or webinars. Try it now, you are on your way for success.

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Funding your campaigns will be the most important part to your success. If you decide to learn with me or with my company Conglo Enterprise, I will send you a traffic report at the end of each campaigns. Simple formula, Pay, Learn and Profit.(PLP)

Use these two companies to help you track your traffic and many other things.